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One of my longtime 2CV dreams has been to put a brand new 2CV on the road with an earlier VIN, like Escargot Motors and a few other 2CV importers in the 1980’s had done.  Or if not 2CV per se, build a 2CV kit car of some sort.  I keep putting my 2CV thoughts on the back burner, but as I surf the net, they continually resurface.

I was going though my emails the other day and found these photos from 2008 of a 2CV that had been sitting in a garage where the roof had collapsed.  Quite a sad tale really…

Back in the day I was hunting for information on all the parts I might need to realize my dream 2CV.  I got chatting in an online group that was 2CV related and ended up learning about a 2CV that had been stored in Maine but due to heavy snow the roof of the garage had collapsed on it and a couple of other classic cars inside.  The owner was quite distressed about the outcome particularly because the 2CV was not insured for such damage and hence she wasn’t prepared to repair it.  Up to that point it was in pristine shape! I communicated with her thinking; Here’s my chance to realize my dream of building a 2CV kit car as the drive train, frame and suspension were probably all unscathed.

Here are the photos of this 2CV that the owner sent me.  Such a shame to see the damage, but I recall the potential. \

  This photo shows that the roof of the garage in which her cars were stored had collapsed, hence causing a catastrophic drop over few of her vehicles that were in a private storage place.

It was tearing her heart, the car had remained in this state, all nicely covered as per the car cover, hence the condition …

  I would have loved this, because it was well maintained, I feel sad as though it were one of mine own.  🙁

  Beautiful seats with the matching stripes that complemented the outside colour.

  It’s a shame, that the car was not insured, but the building probably was?

  This 2CV was always well maintained example, with no expense spared history.

I almost got this as a freebie, to rebuild new body parts upon it.  I don’t recall why I had to pass on the offer or if I had just missed it. (i.e The offer expired by the time I had the chance to truly accept it).

While I had stopped thinking about these photos, coming across them again the idea of a 2CV resurrection still intrigues me.  Now with the success of Burton building 2CV based sports cars and others out there, maybe the desire will strike me to act…

I would incorporate a 2CV engine equipped with EFI, using MegaSquirt system.  They can help put together a full parts kit for a custom job.  I would just have to write to them, stating the engine size and leave it with them to figure out a perfect system and of course the price.

If only I could find a 2CV like this one again.

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