2cvat70 — A British Take on a French Small Food Truck

In celebration of the 2CV’s 70th anniversary, an entrepreneurial team of British Citroën enthusiasts have decided to bypass the means of operating a larger H Van mobile eatery and concentrate their efforts on transforming not a 2CV Truckette, but a regular 2CV Dolly, into what they claim to be the worlds smallest food truck.

  Original Dolly prior to transformation.


Andrew J Mellon, Managing Partner of 2CVat70 project describes it; “The design icon that is the 2CV turns 70 years old this year so we have to celebrate in style and saw the opportunity to educate the nation about the current topic that is food waste.  With seven partners involved, the entire project is British designed and built and we are excited to publicly reveal the repurposed vehicle at The London Motor Show.”  Andrew’s team of 50 had just six weeks to make the transformation.


After creating the vehicle, they tried to crowdfund doing a number of days for no charge this summer to help raise funds for charities & community groups up and down the UK, touting that; “The car has already headlined The London Motor Show in May 2018, to much acclaim as the surprise hit of the show. ‘Dolly’ the car is already partnered with the food waste charity Food Cycle, as their new British Ambassador for Food Waste.  She will spend time each week highlighting this issue while traveling around the UK.”   Since the 2CV was already modified and they said they had sponsorship, it’s no small wonder why they were not able secure crowdfunding.  Typically odd way of British thinking… 


Nevertheless, it exists and their business model is to offer the 2CV and a chef for the day to come to events or even just your house.  They claim the value for such a visit is £1250 and they can handle anything from a small picnic in the park, to dinner for 40 in a field, or even a small wedding party when partnered with a vintage Route Master bus.  Eggs are always on the menu as the car has been gifted 10,000 Free Range West Country eggs by St Ewe Eggs in Cornwall. 

The car’s design is rather clever.  Aside from the rainbow mylar wrap body, the 2CV can be easily configured into two serving modes with two units that can be switched between a freezer or both fridges. Cold Beer or Ice Cream?  They’ve got you covered! 

They say they can deliver incredible and unusual cuisine, from cheese soufflé to Korean BBQ.   Maybe so as the 2CVat70 features:

  • Hot & Cold running water on Board
  • LPG and Electric on Board
  • Custom Built OX Charcoal Oven & Grill
  • Clifton Sous Vide for Precision Cooking
  • Soufflé Oven capable of turning out 100 soufflés an hour
  • 3 Parry Gas Cooking Elements
  • 4 Parry Electric Cooking Elements
  • Dometic Portable Fridge/Freezer
  • Conversion into a Full Bar Operation from the boot!

They have a flair for the dramatic when it comes to promotion.  The completed 2CV was delivered by helicopter to the Bicester Heritage airfield where it was it was featured on BBC News then driven to the London Motor Show.   


You can check out their website at: http://www.2cvat70.com/

Now the question is; will the French be inspired to “one-up” the Brits by transforming a Morris Minor?






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