Youthful 2CV Infatuation by Road & Track

Pick-up this month’s (July 2018) issue of Road & Track and read a beautiful story by contributing writer Sam Smith about taking his daughter for ice cream in 2CV.  It’s beautifully written and photos by DW Burnett really make and exceptional piece.  We won’t spoil the experience by telling you the content here, but the article came about after Sam contacted Greg Long about borrowing his 2CV for the piece. 


If you don’t want to have the article physically in hand, here is a link to it:

You may recall that in the July 2015 issue of Road & Track magazine, Sam Smith wrote of driving a 2CV for a week around Seattle WA.  It’s an amusing read as well as Greg loaned him his “Duck” for that article.  In both articles Sam recounts his adventure with an extremely liberal embellishment of the 2CV’s characteristics, making for an entertaining piece.  You can read that article here:





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