Barn Find of Old Citroëns in Riga, Latvia

If you want a Traction for a song the Riga sale could be the place to get it. 

Having said that, we would definitely suggest actually going to Latvia because at these prices (listed below) there may well be a catch. 



The Traction cabrio looks to be a replica.  The folding windsheild pillars and frame seems to be too thick and the cabrio horizontal door trim embellishment is too short and not in the right position behind the door handle. 




Maybe they aren’t that nice or there is some sort of export restriction.  We remember John Long had a bitch of a time trying to get the hulk of a Tatra 77 he found in Russia (and restored in the Czech Republic) out of the country!

They list the Traction 15-6H as a 1951 model when, in fact, that model (with the hydraulic suspension) was made only in 1955 and 1956.

ModelSerial numberEngineDisplacement - cm3Fuel supplyHorsepower - PS SAE netTransmission/N° gearsWeight (kg)Top Speed (km/h)Years of productionNumber producedMarket
SM 2.7type SBC114-126703 Weber carburetors170M/514502201970-727133Worldwide
SM 2.7 Automatiquetype SBC114-126703 Weber carburetors170A/314802051972675
SM 2.7 Injectiontype SCC114-32670Electronic Injection Bosch D-Jetronic178M/514802281972-753500
SM 3.0type SDC114-1129653 Weber carburetors180M/514502251973600
SM 3.0 Automatiquetype SDC114-1129653 Weber carburetors180A/314802051973-751012



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