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I’m pleased to announce that I have added a new dimension to my involvement in the world of Citroën.  As Editor of CITROENVIE and President of Citroën AutoClub Canada, I have been chosen to be a Delegate with Amicale Citroën Internationale (ACI).  Here is the info that ACI President, Stephan Joest published:

April 12, 2015

We would like to share with you that we now have a new Delegate for Canada in our community – George Dyke is now representing the “maple leaf country” together with Daniel Noiseux, and succeeds John McCulloch who passed away last year.

George Dyke is not unknown to the Citroën enthusiast community – he is a long-term truly passionate Citroënist, and his great website & publication “CITROËNVIE!” is well known in our universe. Here is his biography:

George grew up in Montreal, Quebec during the 1960s and early 70s. He saw a few (not many) Citroëns on the road then as they were sold in Canada and the USA at that time. An automotive enthusiast from an early age, he was fascinated by them. With his interest peaked and now able to drive, George almost persuaded his Father to purchase a new 1972 DS21, but practical reasoning caused his Father to settle on a Ford.

It was 18 years later, when George had moved to Toronto, Ontario, had some disposable income and the desire to own a classic car as a hobby, that he came upon Greg and John Long of Escargot Motors. They were importing “used but new” 2CVs (a whole other story you can read about here: George bought a 1989 burgundy and black Charleston (registered as a 1971 model and a car that he has to this day) from Escargot, and thus began his Citroën collection.

A few years on, he joined Citroën Autoclub Canada and in 2001 took over the role as President. In 2003 George expanded the club’s magazine publishing efforts along with former ACI President John McCulloch (up until his passing on Nov. 16, 2017).

In 2008 CITROËNVIE! was established by George as a means to bring together a virtual community of Citroën enthusiasts in North America, providing information about events and other Citroën activities throughout Canada and the USA, as well as delivering news, insight, technical articles and interesting historical information about Citroën.

In 2013 George spearheaded CITROËNVIE!’s shift to a solely web-based publishing effort designing a new look for the website that encompassed Citroën Autoclub Canada as well as CITROËNVIE!.

When not working at his day job or doing administration and publishing efforts for Citroën Autoclub Canada and CITROËNVIE!, George has managed to amass an impressive collection of 13 Citroëns (all running and in very nice shape) that includes:
1954 Traction 15-6
1959 2CV
1960 ID19
1964 Ami 6
1964 2CV
1969 DS21
1971 GS
1971 Méhari
1973 HY Van
1973 SM
1985 Mehari
1987 2CV
1989 2CV

  George posing with his 1987 2CV on the California Coast Hwy during his road trip in 2011 across the USA.

George is now listed also on our contact webpage
and integrated into our email distribution list for all Delegates (

Welcome, George – and enjoy Amicale networking!

Best Regards from all of us!



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