Retro designs of popular classic cars have been all the rage with manufacturers. The VW Beetle, Mini, Fiat 500, have been on the market, with the latter two having electric versions introduced recently. And while Citroën has entered the EV market claiming 2CV heritage with their Ami electric, and shown elements of the legendary 2CV in the C3 Pluriel and the REVOLTe Concept in 2009, an overall shape reminiscent of the 2CV has yet to appear from the brand.

That prompted independent designer Dejan Hristov from Macedonia, to create a study for a modern reincarnation of the 2CV that could be 100% electric and based on Stellantis’ announced STLA Small platform. (We note though, that his design is neither related to nor endorsed by Citroën, now part of Stellantis.)

Hristov acknowledges that the 2CV has inspired many young designers, but says that most of them were afraid to stay true to the original. He has tried to keep a purity in his interpretation, including the rounded roof-line shape, pronounced fenders, characteristic hood and trunk lid (although without ripples), and borrowing from early 2CVs — C-pillar mounted rear turn signals and reverse opening front doors!

While retaining the car’s iconic silhouette, modern design elements include; LED headlights, full-width LED taillights, a glass sunroof (a portion of it retracts for an open-air driving experience), mirror-replacing cameras, an infotainment touchscreen, climate control, and power windows.

The five-seater 2CV EV is larger than the original by 381 mm (15 inches), resulting in a length of 4,241 mm (167 inches) and with large-diameter turbine-style alloy wheels shod with grippy tires it gains height to give it a raised crossover look.

Some feel the design is rather polarizing. Others say that it is a clever accomplishment that Citroën should consider offering. What say you?


  1. Not bad, not bad at all….but one main feature missing is the “eyes”….the one element any artist spends most time on when painting someone’s face….the most visible part of its visual DNA…….ROUND LIGHTS please!

  2. A very worthy design. The headlights need more prominence, integrated into the wheel well, perhaps in the shape of a water drop, not rectangular.

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