An Ideal Ride in an ID 20 Break

Donald Osborne has been CEO at the Audrain Automobile Museum in Newport, RI since November 2020. He has done video reviews of a number of their cars, and in one recently posted where he drives an ID 20 Break, he gives a thoughtful and respective commentary as to why the Citroën DS is a milestone in automotive engineering and design.

To quote Donald,

“I would gladly cross the United States. I’d drive up to Alaska in a Citroën DS or an ID. Just wonderful effortless, spectacular!”

We love how the autumn leaves twirl around the ID at the 7:45 mark, kicked up from the camera car drives ahead.

Donald muses about today’s EVs, and converting classic cars to electrification. As the D’s engine is considered its weakest aspect but it’s hydraulic suspension can accept great payloads while delivering a superlative ride, he makes the case that a hydropneumatic suspended D would be an excellent candidate to convert to an EV.

He also mentions his reverence for the SM. Watch the drive here:

Postscript Note: Donald might want to fasten his seat belt for any future drives.

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  1. Seems to me this video is a ego stroking piece. Very little to no technical information, and other than praising the suspension very little explanation of what made the car sell so quickly, like front disc brakes, advanced aerodynamics, advanced safety. Just passing mention of some areas really, and no rough roads to show off the suspension. Plus, they could have filmed it with a Citroen so the camera didn’t shake so much, geez! Lastly, the car he’s driving is not a ’72, its got the second dash. Nice to see a museum director heap praise on the car, but seriously – talk about the car in more detail. During the show people were told it would ride great, but that’s it and not what sold it, the shape sold it. Anyway, we need a video from a true expert who can do it right, perhaps multiple videos since there is so much to talk about. Very nice car, but I wouldn’t drive it to Alaska today, too noisy! I’ll take my CX! LOL

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