The Bossaert GT 19; A 2-door DS with an Italian derrière

Citroënvie member Glen Konorowski brought to our attention an article featured in Classic & Sports Car about the Bossaert GT 19; a DS sports coupé of which 13 cars built between 1960 and 1964 including two convertible versions.

The Bossaert GT 19’s front end is standard factory DS. Flaminio Bertoni’s elegant design is married to a rear created with Italian flair by Pietro Frua. The doors between the two have been elongated though the wheelbase has been shortened by 470mm to 2650mm while the car’s overall height is reduced by 70mm.

Looking at it from the side, there appears as a somewhat awkward meld of the two designs and the full cutout of the rear wheel arches further break what little flow there is between the front and the rear.

Classic & Sports Car road tested the ninth version. We mentioned this car when it was auctioned back in November 2021, selling for 120,000 €.

Read Classic & Sports Car’s review of the Bossaert GT 19 along with a great dive into the history behind it here:

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