2023 Update on Census for Pre-war Traction Owners

Since October 2020 Nicolas Desgroppes, who lives in Lyon France and owns and drives a Traction 7C, has been doing an annual census of Citroën Traction Avant models produced until 1946, creating a means for early Traction owners to dialog with each other enabling them to hone in on the subtle differences about their cars depending on the month they were built.

Nicolas Desgroppes in his 7C Traction Avant.

Nicolas has released a the third report with 1,119 Traction Avants produced before 1946 that make up the census inventory:

  • 489 “7” type models,
  • 299 lightweight “11” type models,
  • 184 wide “11” type models,
  • 16 production models “Slough”, “Cologne” or “Challenger”,
  • 125 vehicles without any identification element.

In previous years, Nicolas has published information on the number of surviving Traction Avant produced before 1946 from:

  • this or that model (7A, 7B, 7C, 11A, 11AL, 11BL, 11 B),
  • body: light, wide, coupe or convertible,
  • French, English or German production,
  • Current place of residence in France or throughout the world.

These Tractions Avants in wrecked state, rolling, being restored, in their original state or in perfect restored condition very often have at least two out of three identification elements: serial numbers, hull numbers and bodywork numbers. Although in previous years his census was based on the hull number (which Nicolas felt was more reliable, because it is linked to the end of production date), this year he is sharing information regarding the 1,119 surviving Traction Avants, by serial number as it the number best known and used by us all. The ‘tens numbers’ are deleted for confidentiality reasons.

  • 1st Front Wheel Drive recorded including the 1st gear at the bottom of the dashboard: serial number 6 3XX, fell from the chains on June 21, 1934.
  • 1st Front Traction with an opening trunk: serial number 69 0XX.
  • 1st Front Wheel Drive equipped with the simple ventilation hatch: serial number 76 3XX.
  • 1st Front Wheel Drive equipped with rack and pinion steering: serial number: 80 8XX
  • Oldest Traction Avant listed equipped with its original engine: 53 2XX from October 20, 1934
  • Most recent Traction Avant equipped with its original engine: 450 3XX.

The help provided by all of you made it possible to achieve this result in three and a half years. This year, among Traction owners contacted, were folks in Australia, New Zealand, North America and France Overseas (Guadeloupe and New Caledonia).

Last year Nicolas was at the Epoq’Auto Show (in Lyon – France) on November 10 and 11 in the “Traction Rhône-Alpes” to talk with attendees. This year he did not make the trip with his Traction Avant 7C, but plans to make up for it in 2024 by being at the 90th Anniversary of the Traction Avant which is being held on the Charade circuit in Auvergne, France (near Clermont Ferrand), on May 9, 10 and 11.

Nicolas can be reached via:

Facebook : Authentiq Trac


Tel : 06 84 33 14 80

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