Are you wondering what Citroën tool does what?

Do you have some odd looking tools lying about your garage that you picked up from a Citroën parts vendor at a show?  Or maybe they were included with the Citroën you purchased?  Now you are working on your Citroën and wonder if there is an easier way to do a seemingly impossible task?  If so, this UK based website that features a list of specialized Citroën tools could come in very handy.  Not only do they sell the tools but there are descriptions for most of them that tell you their purpose!   

Here is the link to their website:

On the left of their home page is the means to see tools for; 2CV, BX, CX, HY, GS and DS models. Click on ‘open site’.  It takes a bit of navigation to see all the tools for the various models, but most are there and worth the time to browse and get an education as to what they are used for. 

  Larry Lewis ponders his Traction repair in Toronto.

Thanks go to Graeme Seed at for his effort to sort out and support the variety of tools needed to keep our classic Citroëns in optimum condition.

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  1. Right now I am in North London, will most likely be going to the Pleiades for obtaining my lost dies for making the Citroën flares for both the 3.5mm and the 4.5mm.
    Since I had bought the press beforehand, Pleiades is the perfect fit .

    Also too , I ‘m here to obtain the non Sodium stainless steel intake and the exhaust valves for rebuilding the 2347cc head for the DS, will also be visiting the Usual Citroën related

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