Jalopnik Profiles 2CV Dragonet Race Cars

Auto enthusiast website Jalnopik has made mention of a passion we have at Citroënvie – racing 2CVs.  In an article published on Aug. 13, by Jason Torchinsky, (linked here), he gives an in-depth look into the work of Jean Dagonet one of the earliest people to modify the 2CV for racing purposes. 
  Jean Dragonet (left) with his modified 2CV race car.
The other person that fascinates us with early 2CV racers and a sports car offering is the Marquis de Pontac. 
  De Pontac race car, based on the 2CV.
He had high hopes for his 2 seat racer in 1955 and by 1959 decided to produce a few cars for touring enthusiasts, one of which (the De Pontac model 500) he displayed at the 1959 Paris Auto Show.  You can read the article about De Pontac that we published in the Sping 2003 edition of the Citroen Autoclub Canada Newsletter, (available for download to Citroënvie paid Members here.  Look for; “DePontac – Early 2CV Sports Car” in the Articles – General folder). 
And check-out this article that we ran on Dec. 20, 2017 about Rare French sports cars including the Umap, the Mismaque and De Pontac. 

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