British-built 1955 2CV Road Test

Ian Seabrook is an Englishman who, for over 10 years, has written articles and been a photographer for classic car magazines. These days he focuses on his YouTube video channel — HubNut. He got his hands on a British-built 2CV in Australia and did an on-camera walk around and test drive.

Ian Seabrook

Not only were British-built 2CVs fitted with right-hand-drive steering, like many Citroens produced at the factory, including the Traction Avant and the DS, they were equipped with extras not fitted to Citroëns produced elsewhere.

The Citroën factory in England, in the Slough Trading Estate, was opened on February 18, 1926, and continued to build cars until 1965 when the operation became dedicated to sales and marketing.

In the video, Ian can’t manage to open the roof, (he pulls the side strap rather than knowing to pull forward on the tie-down clips), but his explanation of the dashboard controls is very interesting because the layout in a Slough-built 2CV is different than any others. Below is the video link and check-out the interior light!

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