Chinese Citroën C5 X Gets “CX Treatment”

Bai Ning’s Car Time is a Chinese YouTube channel that interprets the design of various automobiles and shows the customization of some of them. In a recent series of videos Bai Ning shows us his one-off C5 X inspired by the CX.

Photos: Bai Ning’s car time.

The C5 X being something like a modern CX was touted by Citroën at the time of its premiere. To make the C5 X appear more like a CX, Bai Ning added specially designed rear wheel arch skirts, body colour painted the unpainted front wheel arch surround trims, and added a chrome-style finish to the lower body sections of the bumpers and side sills . The same treatment was applied to the rear view mirror tops and the door handles, matching the upper window trim, mirroring the original CX.

The wheel rims were given domed flush covers, giving a close resemblance to what the CX had at it’s introduction.

All these changes transform the look but the height of the crossover C5 X and complex front and back ends hampers the means to achieve the clean design purity of the CX.

Nevertheless, Bai Ning sought to give his creation variable suspension and since Citroën’s hydraulic suspension is not present on the C5 X, he fitted an aftermarket air suspension allowing it to go up and down on demand, by approximately 100 mm (3.9 inches).

Interior treatment included covering all the black themed trim; Beige leather upholstery for the seats and the door cards, brown trim for the dashboard and steering wheel, and the matching Alcantara accents on the doors, plus orange suede for the roof and pillars.

Interestingly, the project did not require as much work as it might seem. External differences are really limited to chrome bumpers and side skirts, shiny full rims or rear wheel skirts.

The end result is that of a bulked-up C5 X which tries to exude a premium feel. Whether or not it accomplishes it objective to be a contemporary CX is certainly debatable, but you have to admire his effort.

How did it Bai Ning modify the C5 X? Check out the videos below:

He discusses the exterior styling here (in Chinese):

And in more detail about the exterior detials here (with English Subtitles):

The custom Interior is discussed here:

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