Citroën 110CV Truckette – Brute Power!!

Chris Hubers, a professional 2CV restorer in The Netherlands, recently built a speed demon Truckette that he claims is the fastest duck on the road.

Chris Hubers - Citroen 110CV Truckette   Chris Hubers and 110CV Truckette images courtesy of Auto Week.

The 42 year old’s approach is less radical than the Italian folks at Team Nimik who laid a widened  2CV Truckette body over a Ferrari F355 and claim it to be the fastest 2CV.   (We wrote about that back in the Winter 2010 issue of Citroënvie magazine.)  Rather, Chris started with an Ami chassis and re-built the Truckette around it.
Chris Hubers - Citroen 110CV Truckette front
Because of the 2CV front brakes being attached to the gearbox and the stock 2CV gearbox not being able to handle dramatically increased horsepower, Chris sourced a gearbox with similar set-up, from an Alfa Romeo Sud model.   (Remember those?  The Alfa model that was already rusting on new car dealers lots?).   Once he got a decent gearbox for an acceptable price, the seller told him that an Alfa Romeo type 33 engine (an evolution of the Alfa Sud engine) would also fit that gearbox, so he got one of those.  The 33 engine is a water cooled 4 cylinder boxer type developing “about 120 horsepower” and it will easily propel the Truckette to over 150 km/h.


Chris Hubers - Citroen 110CV Truckette engine

Chris claims the ‘only’ downside is the petrol consumption: – 6 kilometers per liter max but he agrees that is mainly due to his right foot pressing the gas pedal to the floor most of the time because it is so much fun to drive!
Watch Chris take if for spin at:

You can see the team Nimik Ferrari 2CV here:

2CV Nimik Ferrari F355 front  Team Nimik 2CV Truckette/Ferrari F355

Sure would be neat to see a race between the two!!

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