It was 40 years ago, back in 1975, that the “1st International Meeting of 2CV Friends” happened in Finland at Puumala, Pistohiekka.  To celebrate the anniversary, a volunteer group of Finnish 2CV friends are organizing BACK TO PUUMALA, a celebratory rendezvous in the spirit of the early 2CV world meetings, before they grew into today’s scale.

They are anticipating the July 17-19 event to be a small affair, but who knows, – the site is also going to be the crossing point for two international 2cv raids heading this summer’s World Meeting of 2CV Friends happening at the end of July in Poland.

A site has been found on a beautiful lake island nearby for the event.  The stay will be based on do-it-yourself activities in good company and camping next to Finland’s biggest lake “Saimaa”.  An old wooden schoolhouse and sauna building will be at all attendees’ disposal.  It will be a non-profit program with music, tasting of various Finnish foods and trips to nearby places of interest including the site of the 1st 2CV world meeting.

If you’d like to attend, the organizers do ask that you RSVP.  Contact:



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