Citroën Camper Concept – Jumper Done Retro H

Citroën revealed their Type H Wildcamp concept at the 2018 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, giving their Jumper van not only a retro H Van look on the outside but a modern camper interior.  The retro skin surface is by Caselani (featured in Citroënvie on April 4, 2017 in the article “Reinvention of the H-Van on its 70th Anniversary“) and Pössl added the full camper interior. 


Rounding out the rugged camper exterior a loaded roof rack and rear door ladder gives the Type H WildCamp a “go anywhere” look.


The WildCamp features Pössl’s Roadcamp R camper van interior.

  Ready for touring.

  Pössl squeezes in a fully equipped kitchen block and even a full wet bath.

  The transverse bed is in the rear.

Overall though, the compromise for all these features is a packed interior.  Look at the table support behind the driver’s seat.  It’s a very tight squeeze to get your legs in there.  And while there is a full bathroom with shower, enclosed by sliding screens, the tracks for the screens look like they will clog easily.  You are actually standing on the shower floor while you are at the kitchen sink, but at least the space is all serving multiple functions.

While Citroën refers to the WildCamp as a concept, interested and determined buyers will be able to recreate the package. As listed in Citroën’s announcement, the Jumpy L2H2 with Pössl Roadcamp R camper van kit starts at €41,597 (approx. $47,450 US), and the Caselani Type H body kit tacks on another €27,132 ($30,950 US).   Certainly not the cheapest “old van” camper conversion, but it certainly does provide a unique mix of retro style and modern camper van design.

View a walk-around video made at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon here:




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