Reinvention of the H-Van on its 70th Anniversary

Check out this video of a just unveiled contemporary reinvention of the H-Van on its 70th anniversary.  

It was developed in collaboration by Fabrizio Caselani and David Obendorfer as a tribute to the original H Van’s designer Flaminio Bertoni. 

  Builder Fabrizio Caselani and designer David Obendorfer.

Designed to be a retro-fit for Citroën’s modern Jumper Van, we are pretty sure it can be installed on a 2016 Ram ProMaster Cargo Van as the van was a co-operative build between Citroën, Peugeot (Boxer Van) and Fiat Chrysler (Fiat Ducato).

Only 70 kits will be produced and the transformations will be carried out by hand in Italy.  Providing a kit is available for purchase we see no reason why you couldn’t send a Ram Promaster (or a few of them) to Europe and get the transformation done and then re-import back to USA.   (George Dyke that did with his H Van for PicoBrew last summer, only while he was there instead of a body conversion he got front disk brakes installed at HY Conversions.)  

Cost of the Type H body kit conversion has been announced yet as far as we can tell.  But given how cool it looks, we bet you’d need to move fast to get one:


For more information on the Type H kit visit:

And if you wanted to go a step further with it when back in the North America and use it as a food truck, build a pull out serving counter in it, something like Peugeot recently showed with their concept “La Marcelle” mini-van food truck:


Update — August 14, 2023: Dubious dealings have happened through HY Conversions in the Netherlands doing H Van disc brake and engine conversions. You can read about that here:
As such, the company has been flagged in related articles and removed from our Services Guide & Directory as we continue to try to protect Citroën enthusiasts in North America and abroad from fraudulent operators.

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