Citroën CEO Discusses Her Approach to Running the Company

Linda Jackson became the first Brit and the first female CEO of Citroën on June 1, 2014.  (You can read about her appointment at that time here:

A little-known secret (up until now) is that she also once worked as a professional ballet teacher.  She recently sat down with the BBC, as part of a series called CEO Secrets, to disclose what her four-year-old students taught her about running a multinational car company.  In the clip she discusses how she has implemented meeting agendas that cannot exceed 45 minutes, can only have a maximum of 10 people and there must be an agenda record at the end. 

Her new dictum is a far car from how Citroën operated in the past, where concepts and directives evolved from numerous meetings and discussion among team members.  Alas, that was the golden era of  Citroën engineering and design and the means to sustain operations in the current era of automobile manufacturing requires a modern business acumen focused on the bottom line.  

She also mentions her fancy for creativity in the design of cars that she feels nobody ever thinks of, and by that statement it is inferred that is where is Citroen is focusing efforts these days.  Agree or not, you can get a quick insight into her modus operandi by watching this 2 minute clip:


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