Citroën Eyes Another Aspect of Mobility

With data to substantiate that over 30 million Europeans are affected by motion sickness, with 1 in 3 people complaining of symptoms while traveling by car, bus or train, Citroën has teamed up with a startup group called Traction to create a solution for those where queasy happens all to easy.  The company has released Seetroen, glasses you wear that tricks the mind into re-synchronizing and rid you of all unpleasant symptoms associated with motion sickness.
Made of soft-touch white plastic and blue liquid in the rims that moves when you move your head, they are uni-sex in that they can be worn by anyone at any given time, that is if you don’t mind looking like Bib, the original Michelin man. 
The glasses use Boarding Ring technology to create an artificial horizon line in the front and sides, which allows the resynchronization of sight and inner-ear, and thus “cures” motion sickness.  Put them on and look at a fixed object, such as tablet or phone or book, and you should be able to remove them after 10 minutes, the result being that your motion sickness symptoms are gone.  The company claims a 95 percent efficiency rate after just 10 minutes.
As Apple has done with the iPhone, building a mobility market beyond home computing, PSA has stated they will be actively pursuing mobility with their Free to Move initiative.  Could Seetroen be PSA’s initial interpretation of how Citroën should transition toward the mobility market?  It would appear that Citroën is putting increasing emphasis these days on lifestyle product design.
Seetroen glasses are now available for order through the company’s lifestyle boutique for €99. 
Check out this video of how the Seetroen glasses work: 

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