Citroën Club of North America Ceases Operations

On Sept. 16, 2011 Les Woods resigned as President of Citroën Club of North America after having been notified by Denis Foley, club treasurer / editor that Denis will no longer produce a newsletter, nor maintain the Club’s web presence. When Les wrote his resignation notice he notified, by email, as many CCNA members as he could. In that email he endorsed CITROENVIE as a means for members to be part of an ongoing Citroën organization.

At Rendezvous (in Saratoga Springs NY) this past June I spoke with Les at length about the CCNA situation as I knew it then. I said that we would welcome any new members from the CCNA and their contributions and input to CITROËNVIE. Since CITROËNVIE’s inception we have been focused on building an inclusive club that truly represents our collective interest in Citroëns (including those of the CCNA) and are trying our best to make it a resource that delivers excellent content from a North American perspective. We also want it to be an effective means of support for Citroën owners over here and organizations like drive-she-said who host significant Citroën events.

Les does not have the latest CCNA membership list though, so if you are a CCNA member could you please let me know and tell other members that you know to contact me so I can compile a current list and keep in touch?

We have already updated our CITROËNVIE subscribe web page to offer membership options for CCNA folks. Rest assured we will have more details in the near future as to how we will be embracing our expanded CITROËNVIE community; such as ensuring the Carlisle Citroën meet in May continues, and supporting numerous regional meetings and outings within the USA.

– George Dyke, CITROENVIE C0-editor


    1. Hi Howard. To answer your question, yes! Citroênvie carried on from the Citroën Club of North America since its demise over 12 years ago. You can read about our full history here:
      We are passionate about Citroëns and make a concerted effort to connect Citroën owners in the USA and Canada as well as provide advice on the best means to service and keep our cars on the road over here.
      If you would like to become a member you can join here:

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