Citroën DS and 2CV Scale Model Kits

Citroënvie member Douglas Ogle was in a local hobby shop in Belleville, Ontario the other day to purchase some paint for his model aircraft building hobby. While he was there, he was surprised to see new Heller kits for sale, and not just model aircraft – there were plastic kits of famous French automobiles; a classic Delahaye and a Talbot in 1/24th scale. But the prize model was a Citroën DS19 in 1/16th scale at $110 CAN.

Looking on Amazon, we found it in the UK for $44.80 CAN + $32.18 CAN shipping to Toronto.  It’s 157 pieces! The problem is – Amazon states on the site that this item does not ship to Canada!


If you can’t afford a real DS Cabriolet these days, Heller offers a 1/16 scale model the DS19 in a Cabriolet. Looking on Amazon, we found it in the UK with a price of $41.68 + $31.57 for shipping to the US. (Again, no shipping to Canada.)

On Amazon, we found the 1/16 scale Heller DS19 sedan for $44.80 CAN + $32.18 CAN shipping to Toronto.  It’s 157 pieces! (Again, no shipping to Canada.)

If you want a smaller scale DS19, they list a Heller 1/43 scale (just 26 pieces) that was selling for as low as $7.81 CAN + $10.69 CAN for shipping. (But, again, no shipping to Canada.

Beside the Heller kits, Doug noticed at the store there was a Citroën 2CV by Revell in 1/24th scale, priced at $50 CAN. On Amazon, the 1/24 scale 2CV from Revell was priced at $38.93 CAN and presumably, shipping was free as it was directly from Amazon. It can be found on Amazon at the following link: And yes, it ships to Canada!  


  1. The Revell 2cv is a relatively new mold, so the detail is quite nice. There is also a Tamiya 2cv available, and the Revell holds up well against the Tamiya (both have engine and undercarriage detail).
    Ebbro also makes a 2cv Fougonette(!). All in 1/24.

  2. If anyone really wants one of these kits, I could ship to Canada from GB – obviously at this stage I don’t know the cost which would be based on weight, dimensions and service required (regular post/signed for, etc.). You would also have to be responsible for import taxes.

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