In 2018, Clare Howarth, from Greater Manchester in the UK, had her 2CV Dolly stolen. “Georgie” as she calls it, had been with her for 21 years, since she was 17 years old, claiming; “It’s like my other child.”

Clare inherited her love of the 2CV and the Citroën marque from her father, Africar pioneer Tony Howarth.

A member of the 2CV Car Club in the UK, Clare had driven it to various 2CV meets in France, Spain and Holland over the years. It had also become very popular in the area and a character on the street where she kept it parked outside.

Clare’s 2CV Dolly “Georgie”.

The day it was stolen, Clare thinks between 8 and 9:30 pm, she noticed a large Transit van that, in hindsight, was “acting suspiciously’ in the area.

Georgie was found abandoned about a mile down the road at the back of a car park. Witnesses saw it being towed along local roads behind a Ford Transit. It was in pretty sad shape having been stripped of pretty much everything but the frame, body cage, suspension, engine and gearbox.

Clare got on social media very quickly and news of the theft and condition of Clare’s 2CV was picked up by 2CV enthusiasts around the world who donated the missing parts to put Georgie back together again.

Clare poses in “Georgie” after the theft recovery.

A year later, the transformation was complete. The BBC did this short video about it that you can watch here.

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  1. Yes,
    I had met her on the FB, I got to know her through the 2CV and friends , I had liked her response as I read through her profile, though I did not see her as in an adult form, her FB photo is of her childhood, but no worries, we had connected through the Spiritual world of the Marque

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