We’ve heard far too many times from Citroën owners who are afraid to drive their cars anywhere but around town. They have reservations about driving to Carlisle and Rendezvous. Even going for the day on a club outing seems to far. Heck, they can barely manage to make it to a local car show.

To all those ‘own it but don’t drive it’ Citroën owners and even those who rarely get on the road — buckle up and meet Jacky and Bernadette Chevillon — a retired couple from Pignans, France who have driven their 1973 DS20 Break on 2 trans-continental road-trips so far.

In the summer of 2013 they made a trip to Shanghai, China crossing Europe, Russia, Mongolia.

In 2017 they drove around South America, traveling through Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. (We reported on their South American adventure here.)

Later this year will embark on their 3rd trans-continental road-trip.

From September to December 2023, they will be doing a road trip through the USA, Canada and Mexico. But first, they are planing to ship their DS over here early and attend Rendezvous at Saratoga Springs, NY on July 1.

They are truly the definition of Citroën Enthusiasts!

OK, we don’t expect you to be that extreme, but you have admire Jacky and Bernadette’s tenacity and zest for adventure.

Our point here is; if they can make this much effort to get to Rendezvous, well then — how about you?

(BTW, they are looking for a place to park their DS for free from the beginning of July to mid-September because they have to return to France for the summer. If you have a parking spot on the North East coast you can offer, please let them know.)


  1. If there were an emoji out there that would show me with my chin hitting the floor, I would insert it here. But seriously, this is most impressive and has inspired me to get out more often, and further than usual. Thanks for the kick in the pants!

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