Years ago we showed a picture of a field of Citroëns in Denver.  John Ricker (from Denver) wrote recently to say he just stopped by and the place is changing hands.  John Reed owns the lot and was one of the most active Citroën mechanics in the Denver area.  Most of the cars have been used for parts and are rusty.   Will the new owner try to “preserve” them?

John Reed - Denver Cits 6

John Reed - Denver Cits 1 John Reed - Denver Cits 2

John Reed - Denver Cits 3

John Reed - Denver Cits 5

John Reed - Denver Cits 7

John Reed - Denver Cits 9

John Reed - Denver Cits 10

John Reed - Denver Cits 4

Hopefully the Colorado Cits can be kept for a few more years as we think the market for old Cits is going to be saturated for a while given that another USA “Citroën ranch”, known as Area 52 is being put on the market.  Wally Eshrik of the Southern California Citroën Club wrote us about that one recently.  It’s in the remote tri-state area near the California/Nevada/Arizona border.  They are clearing what they think is one of the largest Citroën estates in North America.  The Club has removed about 40 cars from the property so far.   There are still about 10 left in a barn.  Wally says the site is 15 acres and it looks like a Citroën bomb went off out there.  The trustee would like to have an open house of sorts in May to let the public buy and or carry away car parts.

The nearest hotels and restaurants are 70 miles in any direction. There is plenty of water if people want to camp.

We’ll provide more details on both as they become available.


Update: April 9 2015.   Seems they have been moved and are for sale.  Click here.

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