Citroën Harkens to the Past to Brand its Future

Citroën launched a new brand advertising campaign today to promote the message “Our vision of mobility comes from your desire for freedom” and to do so the company produced a video titled “Citroën Inspired By You Since 1919”.  The theme of the video associates Citroëns, commencing with the 2CV, with ordinary people’s lives over the years and the desire for mobility through successive generations. 
We’re not quite sure what they chose to say in the title “since 1919” when the video starts with a 2CV.  Most likely they are trying to make an impression with the public of longevity and the company’s 100th anniversary next year.  Arguably the video “Timeless Innovation” that Citroën produced back in January 2012 is more in tune with the current theme. 
Of course, trying to protect the DS Brand division of PSA, any semblance of a D model and and the SM has been left out of the video.  Instead they chose to focus on the fun factor of a Mehari for that era. 
Nevertheless, the video is upbeat and toe-tapping since the images are accompanied by the timeless musical hit, “Take the long way home,” by Roger Hodgson, co-founder of Supertramp.
To bring to life the “Inpsired By You” brand slogan launched in October 2016, Citroën hired the Traction (BETC) agency to develop a film that would transport its viewers to different eras, in which as they put it; “The Brand’s models tell the story of a hitch-hiker’s desire for freedom; 2C, H Van, Méhari, CX, Visa GTi, C3 Aircross, New C4 Cactus hatchback…and each car is set in its era.  This ride through the decades is peppered with allusions that make up a story both individual and collective: the Tour de France, vacation with friends, horses that recall the ones in the “les chevrons sauvages” (the wild chevrons) commercial, the 1980s summed up by a glinting gold chain and the radio volume on blast…and finally, the cars of today and tomorrow with CXPERIENCE, the concept car that points to the future of Citroën’s large hatchback.”
“If Citroën has remained such a popular brand for nearly 100 years, it is because we have been inspired by the lives of ordinary people for generations: from the student in 2CV or C1, to the President of the Republic in CX or C6,” says Arnaud Belloni, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Communication at Citroën. “Following the launch of the ‘CITROËN INSPIRED BY YOU’ slogan less than two years ago, this new film showcases a few of the iconic cars that have shaped our heritage, without being a historical film. The Brand has always been able to keenly observe people’s expectations for their vehicles, and for mobility in general. This shared history also resonates with our current range, with its unique design and first-in-class comfort! 

To tell this epic story whose main actor is not the driver but the passenger, the agency brought together a French director and cinematographer, both at the top of their field: François Rousselet (Nike, AXE, Diesel, as well as music videos for J.U.S.T.I.C.E and The Rolling Stones) and Stéphane Fontaine (The Beat That My Heart Skipped, Captain Fantastic, Jackie, etc.).
Filmed in the Sierra Nevada and Barcelona, Spain, and broadcast in 30-, 45-, and 60-second versions, the campaign kicks off on 4 April in Europe for the Netherlands, Spain, Franc, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Great Britain and Poland.  Here is the 90-second version:

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