Citroën Managing Director Pierre Boulanger was pretty innovative when came to taking on the Germans during WWII. We thought we knew a lot of stories about Citroën lore but have never heard this one before, mentioned in this article by Jason Torchinsky in Jalopnik. It’s great if it happened. Let’s hope so.

What a brilliant way to sabotage the Germans equipped with new Citroën trucks, who knew that commandeering a pre-war Citroën got them legendary reliability.

A Traction Avant was a particularly good find for the Nazis!

Traction Avant 7A
Citroën P19B
Citroên U23 Truck at Mont. Ste Michel, France

Actually, a couple of Grand Prix drivers who became British Secret Agents (including, Ettore Bugatti’s right-hand man) parachuted back into France after training, in support of the Resistance. They did a good job messing up the inner workings of the Citroën plant which at the time was under German control.

See: THE GRAND PRIX SABOTEURS, by Joe Saward (Morienval Press, 2006).

It’s a good read!

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