So, just how many Citroën GS are there in North America?

That is a question that at least a few enthusiastic GS owners in Canada and the USA ask occasionally when they get together at events. One such person to wonder is Peter Kristensen, a 1982 GSA Club owner from Washington, DC.

Since it is going to be the 50th year anniversary of the GS’s introduction next year, Peter is hoping that North American owners will make their presence known by attending events like Citroëns at Carlisle, and Rendezvous. To that end, he has done some research and determined that at least two-dozen are scattered about Canada and the USA with probably 20 being roadworthy at the moment. 

Based on his internet research and help from David Bruckmann, George Dyke, Manny Motashaw and Simon Walker, he has compiled a list of GS and GSA owners in North America and is working on reaching out to all of them. Only a few GS’s were imported in the ’70s before Citroën withdrew from North America. Are any of them left? What’s so special about the GS that made the owners wanting to have one? Is it not the best Citroën ever made?

He thinks there are some good stories out there. Let us know if you have a story! In case you do not know the GS model, here it is:

Stay tuned about the GS stories, and for those of you out there with a GS, join one of the Citroën meets in 2020!   


  1. If Peter wants to compile them he should set up a central point of contact for us to send our info to.

    Dave Towle 83 GSA Break

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