Citroën Spins It’s Ami Electric into My Ami Cargo

Citroën just introduced a utility version of its urban runabout Ami Electric, by doing what 2CV owners have been practicing for years — take out the seats for more cargo space!

Since the Ami Electric is only a 2-seater to start with, that meant nixing just the passenger seat in favour of storage capacity, and adding a cover to keep the goods from prying eyes.

Citroën claims that this new iteration, marketed as My Ami Cargo, is especially designed for the end-chain logistics of entrepreneurs and meets the new logistics challenges faced by local services companies, deliverers, retailers, craftspeople, the self-employed and administrations or industrial organizations. Talk about casting a broad swath!

No doubt it will find popular demand with food delivery services, couriers, and businesses needing to move small packages locally. With a loading volume of 400 L, a separation wall between the driver area and the loading area, a modular upper shelf that can form a mobile desk and a flat 2-level floor, it has a range of up to 75 km and a maximum speed of 45 km/h.

My Ami Cargo will be sold online with deliveries commencing in June.

We wonder how long it will be before enterprising French owners add a roof rack for moving larger goods!

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