Citroën Updates ‘Inspired By You’ Video with Ami One Concept

Citroën appears to be getting a lot of marketing mileage with it’s Inspired By You’ video that the company debuted in April 2018. The high production value, (great concept, music choice, beautiful photography and on-point editing), has allowed to company to revise it from time-to-time enticing viewers to give it another look to see ‘what’s new’.

Ami One Concept added to ‘Inspired by You’.

Citroën initially launched the video as part of an advertising campaign to promote the message “Our vision of mobility comes from your desire for freedom”. The theme of the video associates Citroëns, commencing with the 2CV, with ordinary people’s lives over the years and the desire for mobility through successive generations. 

Then, in early January 2019, the Citroën introduced a longer version of the spring 2018 teaser. It ran 2:26 in length rather than the shorter version that was 1:34. Additional scenes were added that briefly showed the original DS, first-generation Picasso, racing with Sébastion Loeb in the Xsara WRC, and the new C5 Aircross SUV.

Ami One Concept

To further play on the mobility push that Citroën is touting this year, yet another version has come to YouTube, this time lengthened to 2:41 with the Ami One Concept tagged on the end.

Compare the 3 versions here:

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