Citroëns at Carlisle 2017

by Brad Nauss…..


Citroëns at Carlisle 2017 was a great success.   I want to thank all of those who had a part in making it happen, and especially to those who attended.

Thursday evening, an impromptu (late) dinner at Gilligan’s Restaurant in Harrisburg was attended by a total of 11 people. No advance plans had been made, but those who arrived Thursday were very pleased by the service and great food.

Friday was the first official day of the meet and of the Carlisle Import Show.  It was a beautiful sunny day, high temperature of 93F.  Those who arrived Friday were treated to the best weather of the week. Friday is a good day to relax, and see the flea market.  Brian Peters’ Visa was chosen for the Carlisle Elite award.  Cars that are on the show field on Friday are the only ones who can receive this award.  Congrats to Brian for a very nice car!

  Brian Peters’ Visa

Friday evening, some of the group attended the Renault Club French Dinner and a Movie.  As there was a small group who had not registered for that dinner, I joined them along with my son and his wife for a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant.

Saturday morning came, and despite the weather report from a few days earlier (which said it was going to be 74F and partly sunny), it was overcast and light misty rain showers.   The weather delayed many arriving till approximately 10 AM.   The light showers diminished and went away by noon, leaving us with a rather pleasant (if not cool) afternoon for Citroëns at Carlisle.   There was quite a varied selection of Citroëns on the show field.   2CV sedans, a Mehari, 2 Dyane, 3 Visas, a CX, Several SM, 2 Traction Avant, and of course early and late DS.   At last count, I think there were 24 Citroëns on the field.  In addition, several had pre-registered but were unable to attend.  People were encouraged to take the Citroën “then and now” parts quiz.   Citroën owners and other attendees were encouraged to join in voting for the “people’s choice” awards.   At 1 PM, I presented my seminar about “Citroën parts, then and now”.   It was well attended, mainly by Citroën owners and enthusiasts.  A short question and answer period followed.


At 2 PM, Paul Anderson from PA and Dave Agar from OH began their seminar.  It consisted of a demonstration of their DS’s hydraulic suspension and how to change a tire without a jack.   This seminar drew a bigger crowd, obviously, many who were curious to see the DS in action.  Paul and Dave both demonstrated the hydraulic self-jacking feature and demonstrated changing a tire.  Then to everyone in the crowd’s surprise, left one rear tire off each car, and got ready to go for a drive.  I was able to get Carlisle Events to make an announcement for those on the show field to be on the lookout for some Citroëns driving on 3 wheels.  Paul led off in his silver DS, missing the right rear wheel.  Dave, who insisted that I ride along in the passenger seat (I think I was just the heaviest guy available for “ballast”), followed in his “sur balloons” replica DS.  


They drove through the show field for probably at least 20 minutes.  I don’t think I have ever seen so many cell phones, tablets, and other recording devices trained on 2 cars before anywhere.  When they returned to the Citroën tent, they each reinstalled their missing wheels and rear fenders.  When they finished, all those in attendance had a new appreciation for what all Citroën owners already knew.   A fairly large crowd of people stayed after the seminar.  Paul, Dave, and I continued to discuss the cars and the many safety features and advanced engineering.  

I want to express my gratitude and many thanks to Dave and Paul for their efforts to present this seminar.  Special note; Watch Facebook and YouTube for photos and videos of the Citroën DS on 3 wheels at Citroëns at Carlisle.

Saturday at 3 PM, the people’s choice judging had ended.   While I took the ballots home to tabulate and get ready for Saturday night’s dinner, Paul Anderson led a group on a “tour of the valley”.   A nice drive over the mountain to our north with a stop for ice cream.   Those who followed made a loop and back over the mountain in the Cumberland Valley.   A nice relaxing drive to end the afternoon.

Saturday at 7 PM, everyone reconvened at Fiddler’s Restaurant at Mayapple Golf Course.  Our host George Lois welcomed everyone and presented a huge buffet with 3 appetizers and 4 main dishes.  In addition, salad, and cookies for desert.  George and I sponsored the keg of Yuengling Lager.  Everyone had a great dinner!   A big thanks to George and his partner George!  After dinner, I introduced my family and some other special guests.   I had everyone who attended give themselves a big round of applause, because the attendees are who make the meet great!  Then it was time to announce the people’s choice awards.  The voting was very close this year, with 7 different vehicles receiving at least one vote for best of show.   Best of Show went to Peter Bandy and his DS21.   (A list of other winners can be viewed here).

Sunday morning came quickly and the group met at 8 AM at Caffe 101 in Boiling Springs.  After a great breakfast (a few of us even chose to sit outside in spite of the cool weather), it was off for a short road trip to Mechanicsburg (my home town).  We arrived at the Rolls Royce Museum just in time for our 10 AM guided tour. 


I think everyone was impressed with the operation.  All of the cars on display are operational, and one day a month a group of foundation volunteers come to the museum to do service on the cars.  Then every car is driven at least once a month.  We were lucky to arrive when we did, because a small fleet of the cars were being taken to Harrisburg to be put on display for the day.  That allowed us to not only see the collection, but actually hear and see at least 5 or 6 drive out of the service area and be prepared to be driven.  We discussed the Citroën-licensed suspension and brake systems used on the RR with the tour guide, and he showed us some of the differences in their system.  By 11:30, our tour was done, and time to head out.

Sunday afternoon, a small group of 3 DS and 1 TAV arrived back at the show field.  We took the time to check to see if any Citroëns had won awards from Saturday from Carlisle Events.  Kim Barnes and Eithan Giffin each won awards in the “professional judging” on Saturday. 


The “Passport Girls” from Carlisle Events were still on the field, and were taking photos with cars.   Dave Agar, Carl Erb, and I took advantage of the chance….and had the lovely ladies get their photos with our cars. 

One by one, each of us left the field, and another Citroëns at Carlisle had come to an end.

Sunday evening, as if we had not eaten enough all weekend, those who were not heading home till Monday, and my wife and I, had yet another great evening of food and fellowship at Gilligan’s Restaurant.  After dinner, as we dropped the two couples off at their hotels, it was time to reflect on another successful and hopefully fun for everyone weekend.  And time to start planning for next year.   Thanks again to everyone who attended, and helped in any way.      

Brad’s Traction Avant 11BL


Update:  Here are some links from Nick Viku’s youtube channel for Citroëns at Carlisle 2017. 

Brad Nauss discussion in CITROËN Parts, then and now.

Brad Nauss discussion in Citroën parts, then and now.




Special trip to sweet stop in a Citroën.

Show field of Dream Cars.

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