Citroëns Pop Up In The Most Unexpected Places

You may recall that last year we posted about 2 Traction Avants in Hanoi, Vietnam that are being used as limousines for the Sofitel Metropole Hotel, a big old prestigious hotel there. It was Citroënvie member James McMahon who spotted them.

Well, James was recently shopping among small hotels for an upcoming trip to Hakone, Japan, a rural mountain lake town that’s a popular get-away for Tokyo residents, One of the hotels called The Box uses this photo, which features a nice looking 2CV out front!

Here’s the image link:,139.0302971,3a,75y,90t/data=!3m8!1e2!3m6!1sAF1QipPS-WLaO-eZn4JoOQos13BJyw2riPL0DctzYql5!2e10!3e12!!7i3168!8i3930!4m15!1m5!2m4!1shotels+hakone,+Japan!5m2!5m1!1s2019-09-06!3m8!1s0x60199862a3e67bb7:0x77645d29e74833e2!5m3!1s2019-09-06!4m1!1i2!8m2!3d35.2041567!4d139.0302095?hl=en

We could only find 2 photos of their 2CV. If you happen to stay there, take some more pics and send them to us!

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