Classic & Sports Car Pits the NSU Ro80 Against the Citroën DS

Classic & Sports Car recently did an article on European rivals to NSU’s Ro80 Wankel-engine, beautifully styled sedan that was introduced in 1968 and won the European Car of The Year Award for that year. They put it up against a Citroën DS23 EFI Pallas, an Audi 100LS, a Mercedes-Benz 230/4, a BMW 2000 and a Rover 3.5 Litre Coupé.

Written by Martin Buckley, a Ro80 fan who admittedly says; “It is hard for me to be dispassionate about the NSU. In 20 years, I have done more time in Ro80s than any other type of car – classic or otherwise”, the article does have the Citroën fare very well. If fact, he sums up the car saying “The DS23 still feels like a futuristic marvel on the road”.

Read the full article here:

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