Down under replica DS Cabrio on ebay – at an over the top price!

Thanks to Citroënvie member Ian Stokes for drawing our attention to this unusual Vietnamese conversion of DS sedan to a cabriolet on ebay.  The most distinguishable thing visually that it is not a true cabrio is the top of the windshield where on each corner you can see the sedan’s roof-line extending out to a point rather than the windshield frame being beefed up but rounding at that point.

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Here is the ebay ad copy:

1972 DS21 Chapron Usine Cabriolet Replica. It is dimensionally and detail correct using thousands of reference images and documents.


New floors and sills of correct gauge with double jacking points. Lengthened doors and rear bumper.


All bright work in stainless (as is the exhaust). Rewired. All metal except the boot lid which is fibreglass as per original.


I am a D collector and purchased this car in Vietnam, found the right coach builder who was factory trained, gave him a lot of money and returned there twelve times to check on the progress with my Vietnamese wife’s auntie managing the build over eight years. It was an obsession but my heart now lies elsewhere.


You will see by the pictures the condition and detail. When finished it went to D guru Jason Hantos of Pallas Motors,NSW,Australia who bought a lot of parts and charged for (though did more) 120 hours making sure everything was perfect. There are however a few issues that make it less than perfect:
  • The wheels need to be balanced.
  • The fuel gauge does not work.
  • There are four bubbles in the paint.
  • The rack may be leaking internally.
  • The engine was rebuilt but is smokey.Maybe the (non-original) carby.
  • The gearbox shifts like new, but is a 4 speed.
  • The door trims need to be fastened securely.
  • The seats, of buffalo hide, are too hard for a D.


I can take to your mechanic of choice in Australia, deliver to the dock or your transport agent without charge or you can come over and tour Australia. The weak Australian dollar will also help.
Happy to provide detailed photos if requested.
ph 011+61+2+82176100 or mobile 0414 447 239   James

Our opinion:

Rather amusing ad.  James expects to get $75K US for a replica DS cabrio with all these issues?   Great DS cabriolet “but”:

  • wheels need balancing
  • NG fuel gauge
  • paint bubbles
  • leaking steering rack
  • smoking engine
  • 4 rather than 5 speed gearbox
  • door trims need fastening
  • buffalo hide seats that are way too hard.

But hey!  “Other than that” he says, “it’s mint!”   Uhmmm, right!   Did you see the fit of the roof?  And take a close look at the engine bay.  Something tells us that the owner didn’t quite score the right coach builder in Vietnam and that he should have started out with a mechanically decent DS.

No wonder his heart now lies elsewhere!



  1. With reference to this DS decapotable…all I can say is , to each their own…..everyone have a view point, also the price dropped because it did not have a good best offer as yet, thanks for this article here, now looking at the ebay listing , I see it with a paradigm shift… I ‘d offer $50K, if I was in the market….no longer interested in acquiring more

  2. Its being offered again on ebay new seller and price has gone up…be very careful backyard operators performing bad surgery.

  3. seen this car in the flesh and it is lovely despite needing more attention to get it to the level it deserves…The seller either needs to finish it off or offer at a lower price and I would think around $50,000 would be a fair price given the amount of work already done

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