DS Modernism Spans Generations

Last week Hagerty Media published an article by Eric Weiner who had the opportunity to immerse himself in a 1961 Citroën DS19 and a current Tesla Model 3.

His experience came with realization that both are automobiles that set a benchmark for the industry in each era while having distinct personalities from other mainstream offerings.

When Citroën introduced the DS in 1955, journalists said it pushed the envelope in the ride vs. handling compromise possible in a motor vehicle. Record orders piled in for the DS, only to be surpassed by those amassed by Tesla for the Model 3, as competitors rush to build similar EVs.

Eric’s impression of the DS and the Model 3 makes for a good read and with lovely visuals of the DS, which is owned by Donald Schwarzkopf and happened to win Best in Show at the 2018 Citroen Rendezvous at Saratoga Springs, NY, it is an article you most likely will want to bookmark.


Update — Dec. 31, 2022: Hagerty chose their article on the DS and the Tesla as one of their best stories of 2022.

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