Argentines to replicate 100 years later, André Citroën’s journey through the Sahara

One hundred years after the first crossing of the Sahara by car coordinated by André Citroën, eight Argentines are launching a new challenge: to renew the feat with their Citroën 3CVs. Same fate, same audacity, same ambition and above all — same brand!

The goal is a multicultural adventure aboard three of the iconic domestically manufactured models.

14 years ago, José Izquierdo and Martín Franzosi began their journey aboard the legendary Argentine Citroën 3CV that, after adapting it to be an “ultralight all-terrain vehicle”, were encouraged to cross salt flats, deserts, mountain ranges and various routes in Latin America.

José Izquierdo and Martín Franzosi

From the Puna de Atacama in Jujuy to Ushuaia, they covered the entire route of the mystical Route 40. They have also traveled through Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay. Their Citroën 3CV surpassed all the geographies and topographies to which they were exposed. Today, they are going for more and will dare to take on a new super challenge: to journey through the Sahara Desert on a route somewhat similar to what André Citroën mapped out in 1922 and thus celebrate the 100 years of that historical milestone.

The plan is to travel 3,100 kms throughout Algeria starting from the Mediterranean city of Algiers and capital of the country, to the distant Tamanrasset, city of the Sahara desert, passing through mythical Touggourt, door of the Algerian desert, then to return through the foothills of the African Atlas passing through Oran and closing the crossing in the city of Algiers.

3CV RAID SAHARA 2022-23 Route

In total, with the return included, there will be close to 5,600 kms that these 3 3CVs will travel.

José Izquierdo, one of the two people who will lead this journey, said: “Our main objective is to remember the 100 years of the first crossing of the Sahara in a Citroën car from 1922, but also to travel through exotic and unknown territories, to know the culture and traditions so rich and millenary of this Algerian people that are so connected to Argentina; and at the same time commemorate the 60th anniversary of that country’s independence.

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