Even if your are six and a half feet tall — the DS a very comfortable ride

A former UK science teacher and also an artist, Simon Biggs has been an automotive enthusiast his entire life. Yet until now, he has never experienced the virtues of a Citroën DS.

Simon tends to favour classic luxury sedans, and for good reason. He is six feet six inches tall.

On the website Drives Today, an article by Sam Dawson (with photos by Lauren Parsons) has Citroën owner Frank Sibly offering Simon Biggs the opportunity to get behind the wheel of his 1962 DS19 to see just how comfy it might be, and to judge a ‘very different drive’.

Simon’s reaction is typically British, commenting; “It is very Gallic. I don’t precisely know what that means to be honest, but there is something about the Citroën DS, it’s a car that only the French could create. It’s very different from driving any English car.”

Former French President Charles De Gaulle was six foot five inches tall and preferred the DS over any other vehicle, for good reason including the interior room. (It’s engineering also saved him in an assassination attempt as he and his wife were being chauffeured to Orly airport in Paris on Wednesday August 22, 1962.)

Simon managed to try the rear seat for the chauffeur experience. He summed up his acquaintance to the DS saying it is “‘as comfy as my sofa at home’

Read the full article here: https://drives.today/articles/1160/retro/1962-citro-n-ds19.html

Ed Note: I’m 6’6” tall and can attest that sitting in the front seats or back, the DS feels like it was made for me!


  1. My husband and I met in a Tall Club in Los Angeles (California Tip Toppers Club). He was 6’8″ and had a Citroen DS….first one I had ever seen. I am 6’1″ tall and also appreciate HEAD ROOM!!! For years we were only Citroen drivers, having as many as 3 running at any one time. When our business claimed all of our attention and John couldn’t “tinker” any longer, we retired the cars….still have 6 of them and would like to have one restored. Anyway, they are great cars for TALL PEOPLE and anyone else of course!

    1. Hi Judy, I was 6′ 4″ until about 10 yrs ago when I lost an inch somewhere, and I’ve been driving DSs since when my similarly tall father brought a ’58 DS19 home as a trade-in at a Studebaker dealer in Salt Lake City. I’ve been doing all my own car work since age 13, and grew up with DSs. Where do you live? There are a few shops still working on the cars, but I often freelance if someone nearby needs help, as I’ve made all the mistakes! I may also know someone near you who could help you out, and think you could also post a request on this site, as I haven’t heard anything against that – ask George Dyke about that. Anyway, I’ve been retired for 16 yrs and am currently in the SF bay area, helping an estate executor sell off a 2CV and a ’64 D wagon, plus have met some other Citroen people who might be able to help you out. I can be reached at 248-515-9879

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