Contemporary Renderings of 3 Classic Citroëns

Lars Sältzer is freelance automotive designer and illustrator based in Germany.

He has an uncanny knack of being able to take classic car designs across a number of marques and revamp them to be contemporary EV offerings while still having a distinct resemblance to the original.

So far he has focused on 3 Citroëns; the DS, 2CV and CX.

We wrote about his DSe illustration back on October 15, 2021. Arguably the less successful of the 3, (hard to improve on Flaminio Bertoni’s 1955 design and Robert Opron’s front end restyle in 1968) we said it was a little more boxy that it might have been had Larson chosen to lower the sides slightly.

Recently Larson presented the 2CVe” that shows a more practical rear seat access than the original while retaining the styling cues that give it an unmistakable 2CV look.

His take on a modern CX — this CXe, is a clean homage in a form that suggests a well-styled evolution of the original.

Imagine if these three were in production — they would be distinct to the mass of homogenous cars on our roads today just as their ancestors were to virtually everything else in their era.

To see more of Lars Sältzer’s work on a variety of classic models visit:

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  1. The CX is beautiful. IF you could get a s body kit with the styling Q’s of that car think I’d go out and buy aCX to use it on

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