We are pleased to feature this excellent video showing the restoration of a 2CV by Lionel Hondier in Vancouver, Canada.   Lionel is one of only a few people in North America who restores 2CV’s to an impeccable standard.


Unfortunately we get emails and phone calls all too often from people that deal with an unreputable restoration shop or buy a basketcase Citroén on Kijiji or ebay.

On our home page we state that “We’re here to help you find and enjoy driving in classic Citroëns.”   We’re very serious about that.   And in our Marketplace section we list trusted suppliers that can provide parts and services for classic Citroëns.

Please talk to us BEFORE you purchase a Citroën.  We can definitely help you save time, money and considerable frustration trying to acquire a decent one.


George Dyke


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