“First” Citroën Jumper in North America

Well not exactly a true Jumper, but kudos to Paul Riccardi for being creative.

Paul recently purchased a new 2014 Dodge Ram ProMaster Van.  Thanks to Fiat’s purchase of Chrysler, and president Sergio Marchionne’s march to overlay Fiat and Chrysler, Fiat based Dodge models are beginning to appear in dealerships.  Such is the case with the ProMaster, it’s really the Fiat Ducato that is Mexican built for the US market.  And Fiat have a partnership agreement with PSA Peugeot Citroën to produce essentially the same vehicles, badged as the Peugeot Boxer and the Citroen Jumper.   To convert a Ram ProMaster to externally look like a Citroën Jumper, all that is needed is a front grill and a rear badges, which is what Paul ordered in from Europe because to quote him; “I ain’t no stinkin’ Dodge van now!”

In sourcing the front grill, Paul was very resourceful.  A new grill from a Citroën dealer would have run about 450 Euros but Paul had a friend in Germany who knew of a company that used the Jumper as the basis for a motorhome they manufacture and with their conversions they replace the Citroën grill with a custom grill.  Paul contacted them and they were happy to sell him a double chevron grill for just 50 Euros!

“Nothing like having the only one over here!” says Paul.

Paul Riccardi Jumper  Paul Riccardi - Jumper 11

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