1972/89 Citroën 2CV Charleston

A late model 1989 (registered as a 1972 for import at the time by Escargot Motors in Toronto Canada) Burgundy and Black Charleston with the optional hatchback trunk lid. It has just 23, 671 original kms on the odometer. Two owners and the last owner for the past 9 years has driven it just 2K and never in rain. Never winter driven by either owner. Comes with the Escargot picnic basket that was delivered with the car to to original owner. The car drives like new and a modern electronic coil has been installed.

New LHM+ fluid has been flushed through the all brake lines and is in the reservoir.

As the car is now 30+ years old, as few things need to be addressed:

  • The original Michelin tires will need to replaced.
  • The seat cushion foam in the front seats had deteriorated somewhat and the top of the rear seat has been affected by sunlight because the owner parked the car near a window where the sun shown on it in her garage. New Charleston grey seat covers are readily available of wanted the interior to look perfect. Extra order option at the time coca-mats are fitted and are in like-new condition.
  • Exterior paint is original and in very good condition. There is some staining on the trunk lid that might be able to be buffed out. And there is a minor dent and stain on the front passenger door. The exterior mirrors’ grey surround plastic has become brittle and chipped at the edges. Replacement edges are available to make them look perfect.
  • The original owner lived on a dirt road near Uxbridge (north of Toronto) and although she did not drive in rain, mud accumulated can caked-on the underside, which in some measure has aided to preserve it. There is no rust on the frame or body. The car was was Rust Check coated when new. That has now dried and along with some of the blue paint Escargot utilized to paint the frame of the car when they imported it, has flaked off. It should have a light scrape with a wire brush done to it and then a re-coating.

The car is located in Toronto, Canada. Price is $28,500 CAD ($21,300 USD) as is.

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