1974 Citroën DS23 efi Prestige – Henri Chapron

One of the official DS french limousines built by renowned coach-builder Henri Chapron. Black exterior and black leather interior. It is equipped with the driver’s partition divide, intercom and folding rear trays. Power windows all around (including the glass partition) and air-conditioning.

It has a semi-automatic gearbox, fuel injection and the largest engine offered in a DS — 2,300 cc.

It is an original unrestored and authentic car – one of the last DS Prestige made by Chapron.

The car is located in Toronto, Canada. The owner is an elderly Italian gentleman who has had it for 10 years. It is a part of his collection of classics that include Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz that he is now selling because of age. He air-shipped it over from Europe. He says it is a 1973 model that was registered in 1974 which makes sense as Chapron took months to build the DS Prestige.

The odometer shows 01,720 kms, which we believe to be 101,720 kms. Everything works and the car runs smoothly. Suspension is nice and compliant with no leaks.

Paint overall is very good, but there is a 2 cm scratch on the left front fender just over the wheel that has been painted over, and there is a 20 cm scrape on the lower section of the front passenger door that has been filled and painted over. There is a small paint chip where the hood meets the passenger door. And there a some bubbling in each side of the roof at the rear where the turn signals are mounted.

The biggest detraction is that the chrome door handles and the C-pillar trunk lid hinge have become pitted. The car has been garage stored all the time and apparently driven only 4 times in Toronto in the past 10 years. The reason there is pitting is that in the garage there is a duct from a clothes dryer in an adjacent room. The humidity from it in the winter caused the chrome pitting as well as the rear resonator of the exhaust to get rather rusty. But overall it seems like a very solid car and it has helped the rubber and the interior to be well preserved.

The interior is very nice with just a bit of noticeable wear to the tables in the back partition. The leather seats are subtle and there is some very minor cracking but nothing where the leather has split and very minor edge wear. Condition 9 out of 10.

The owner has fitted modern North American Michelin tires on the car. He did so because he thought the original Michelin XAS tires looked too narrow. (The owner has a Ferrari mindset, so that explains why, but obviously not correct by Citroën standards!) The spare tire is in the trunk as the owner feels it is a better place for it, but he most likely discovered that the North American Michelin spare was too wide to fit up front.

While the engine bay is somewhat scruffy, it is all intact.

Price: $55,000 US. Shipping to the US or overseas can easily be arranged.

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