There have been various attempts over the years to improve upon the DS.  This latest 911DS exercise by the visual communication studio Brandpowder attempts to graft the front end of a Porsche 911 to Flaminio Bertoni’s timeless DS design.  Even if the intent was to make a 911 more of a Panamera, compromising the artful lines of a DS was not way to accomplish it.   Then adding an enlarged set of tires to make it look like a pony car?   But wait, – it gets worse; Rather than dropping the turbocharged 260 horsepower engine in the DS front end and retaining front wheel drive, they locate the Porsche power plant in the rear.   Heck, just go full tilt and stick a Tatra T87 center fin and back end on the thing!

Why is that people want to continually try and improve (and in this case combine) these two iconic automobiles?  Now this horrendous hybrid is going to show up in internet search engines for both, diluting the superb styling and and engineering appreciation of the original models.

If you can stomach it, here’s a link to the Brandpowder site showing other visuals and how the project evolved.