Hagerty Enters Into Car Sharing – Wanting Your Classic Car!

Not content with just insuring your classic car, Hagerty now offers an Air B-N-B type service they call DriveShare where they encourage those who don’t own a classic car to rent yours if you register with them for the service.  Yep, taking a page from the PSA’s Free2Move rideshare venture in North America, (initially where you rent your car to others at airports while traveling), Hagerty expects you to hand over the key to your beloved Citroën (as it pertains to our world) and for the privilege of marketing your cherished vehicle to Millennials they take 35% of the rental fee. 

What could possibly go wrong?  One of the photos they show promoting DriveShare is the first indication of problems. They show a female driving in a 1960’s USA Classic gazing off to the left while going down the road.  Nothing like encouraging eyes-off-the-road driving!

  The title says Safe Driving but certainly not Safe Driving!

Here’s the verbiage they pitch to sell their service:

“Don’t have time to drive your car as much as you want?  Have a fun car you’re willing to share?  List it on DriveShare and help grow the next generation of the car-loving community, plus make a little income on the side.  We’d call that a win-win.

DriveShare is on a mission to keep car culture alive, making damn sure that people who love cars will always have the choice to go for a drive.  This is where you come in: share your car and your passion with others – help grow the next generation of car people.”

Hagerty’s process for a rental transaction is that the renter creates their account and builds an online profile on DriveShare.  Once logged in, they search through out vast photo gallery of automobiles.  Review the details of the chosen one and ask the owner questions by using the “Contact Owner” button!  Hargerty describes the rental process this way:

“Stop dreaming and start driving! Before your first rental experience, you will go through a quick approval process which will require a photograph of the front and back of your driver’s license. Please note that your first rental approval may take up to 72 hours, so it is important to allow time for the approval process.

To begin the rental verification process, select a vehicle that peaks your interest and click the RESERVE button on the vehicle you are interested in. You will be asked for credit card payment information. You will also be given the opportunity to write a note to the vehicle owner.  Once the “RESERVE” button is hit again, the DriveShare system will send you an automated e-mail or text (depending on your pre-set preferences). Follow the link in that message to complete the verification process by uploading a photo of the front and back of your U.S. driver’s license.

When the rental period is over, simply return the vehicle and make sure to review your experience.”

Of course, the big question is; What if the car has been mishandled in any way?  What is the remedy and is it enforceable?  Hagerty’s answer is that they vet the renter so that first gear change will be a perfect one, all potholes will be avoided, and there’s no way the engine will be redlined.  Here’s the fine print they publish stating eligibility requirements:

“While we reserve the right to decline membership for any reason, the following are the minimum eligibility requirements to register as a renter:

• You must have held your current United States driver’s license for at least two (2) consecutive years. If you have not held your current license number for at least two years, you must provide a previous license number(s) in addition to your current one.
• You must be at least 30 years of age to rent a vehicle.
• Your driving history may not show a major violation in the last 5 years.
Characteristic major violations are listed below, but this list is not all-inclusive:

◦ Driving under the influence (DUI)
◦ Hit and run
◦ Manslaughter
◦ Reckless driving
◦ Other major violations may include speeding 20 mph or more over the speed limit, driving on a suspended license, etc. Each state may classify certain offenses differently.

• Your driving history may not show more than 2 minor violations in the last 3 years, or more than 1 minor violation in the last year.
• You cannot have any criminal convictions on your record in the last 10 years. These convictions include, but are not limited to, the following:

◦ DWI, DUI, implied consent, any drug related violation, or open container violation, manslaughter, negligent homicide, felony involving a motor vehicle (including but not limited to hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving, driving/operating while license is suspended/revoked, license suspension for points, license revoked, resisting arrest, or failing to report an accident).

• You must possess a mobile phone in your own name that we can verify through text message.
• You must be a registered user of DriveShare.”

Feeling warm and fuzzy about the program now?   The onus is on the renter to accurately state their eligibility and driving capabilities (like being proficient driving a manual transmission).  And the penalty; whooo – account deactiviation and liability (read: legal nightmare trying to collect)!   Here’s what they state: 

“Renter Eligibility Documentation: Acceptance of a renter into the DriveShare program shall be in the sole discretion of DriveShare. As a renter you are required to notify DriveShare of any changes to your eligibility, including and not limited to the status of a driver’s license, or any criminal charges, prior to renting a car using the services. Failure to notify and gain proper approvals will result in your account being deactivated. In addition, you will be personally liable for all damages and related legal fees as well as vehicle insurance claims and damages.
Renter Eligibility Continued Monitoring: DriveShare may periodically monitor any renter’s driving record and criminal history to ensure that such renter continues to qualify for membership under our Renter Eligibility Requirements. In addition, renter reviews can be triggered by a number of events. These may include, but are not limited to, the following:

• External notification by the State DMV (if supported by the driver license issuer state)
• External notification by any DriveShare user
• Internal notification by the DriveShare system functionality that we may establish and maintain from time to time and in our sole discretion.”

So you hand your keys over to a DriveShare bookie, being the screened, competent and conscientious individual that will treat your vehicle with utmost care. What is that person not supposed to do?  Hagerty defines vehicle misuse this way:

“Engaging in any Prohibited Uses with a DriveShare vehicle will be grounds for fees, suspension or cancellation of your membership. It will also lower the renter’s liability coverage to state minimum limits or nullify coverage where allowable by applicable state law; if the owner has encouraged the engagement in a Prohibited Use, their coverage may be similarly reduced. Engaging in any Prohibited Uses may also eliminate any coverage for the renter for any claims related to physical damage. Prohibited vehicle uses and activities include:

• Permitting someone who is not an approved DriveShare driver to drive a DriveShare vehicle.
• Driving a manual transmission car without being expert in the use of clutches and manual transmissions. Note: If the drive train of a manual transmission car is damaged, the renter will be presumed to be at fault and will be held fully liable for repair of any damaged components of the car.
• Allowing the DriveShare vehicle to be pushed or towed by anyone other than an authorized law enforcement or a DriveShare approved service vehicle.
• Using a DriveShare vehicle:

◦ to tow or push anything
◦ other than on paved roads (whether “off-roading”, driving on unimproved roads or parking areas, or otherwise)
◦ in any race, test or competition
◦ with the intention to cause damage, or with wanton, willful, or reckless disregard for safety
◦ to carry persons or property for hire, such as a taxi or parcel delivery service. You may, however, use the car for business purposes, such as attending meetings and carrying associated materials
◦ unless a reservation has been booked. Using DriveShare vehicles without reservations or outside your reservation time constitutes unauthorized use
◦ during or due to use in the commission of a crime or any other illegal activity or purpose
◦ while the driver is under the influence of:

– alcohol above the legal limit or
– any drug or medication under the effects of which the operation of a vehicle is prohibited or not recommended

◦ when it has been loaded beyond its rated capacity or with more passengers than the vehicle has seat belts
◦ outside the continental United States or
◦ without a valid license, or if you do not meet our eligibility requirements. It is your responsibility to inform us when your license is expired or suspended, or if you believe you may no longer meet our Eligibility Requirements
◦ to transport any flammable, toxic, volatile, dangerous or illegal substances
◦ to transport a pet outside of a pet carrier that keeps all pet hair inside the carrier
◦ Making any alterations, additions or improvements to any vehicle.
◦ Smoking in the car.
◦ Fueling a DriveShare vehicle with an improper type of fuel.”

All well and good, but trying to prove any of this after the fact could be quite the challenge. 

And to cover their butts, Hagerty has a DriveShare Wear and Tear Policy that puts considerable onus on the renter:

“Light “wear and tear” that is part of the normal operation of a classic and/or exotic vehicle is an inherent part of renting out a car; the owner is not “protected” against light wear and tear, nor is the renter “responsible” for wear and tear resulting from normal usage of the car. Wear and tear may include engine wear, brake and suspension wear, minor scuffing of the interior surfaces, as well as minor (less than 1 inch in length) nicks, scratches, abrasions or dents to the exterior (including wheels) normally associated with street parking, shopping cart bumps, and the like.
However, renters are fully responsible for, and DriveShare does not provide any protection to renters for 1) any damage related to “misuse” or Prohibited Uses of the vehicle, 2) any damage to the interior of the car, or 3) any mechanical damage resulting from a renter’s improper driving (e.g., clutch damage from rough driving, suspension damage from running over speed bumps at high speed or into curbs, continuing to drive with warning indicator lights illuminated, etc).
Clutch Policies
A vehicle listed on DriveShare with its original clutch must be less than 5 years old to be eligible for consideration of reimbursement for clutch repairs. If the car is more than 5 years old, it may still be considered eligible if the clutch has been replaced by a factory certified mechanic fewer than 5 years ago.
If it has been determined that renter misuse is the cause of the clutch damage, and written certification of that determination by a certified mechanic has been submitted, the owner will be entitled to proportional reimbursement. This proportional reimbursement is calculated by reference to the otherwise expected remaining life of the clutch, based on the mileage at the end of the reservation.
We strongly suggest each owner should check with renter as to clutch proficiency prior to providing the car to the renter. We also recommend a joint test drive of the vehicle as per our checkout process, as each vehicle’s clutch will perform differently.
None of the above affects the basic principle that a renter must be proficient in the use of a clutch, or they may be held liable for costs associated with the resulting damage to an owner’s car.”

Basically, that’s a lot of verbiage that absolves Hagerty from considerable damage that could occur to your car during the rental period.  On top of that they insist, as part of their DriveShare Maintenance Policy, on proof of maintenance on the renters part.  They also want an assurance of cleanliness and failure to comply can result in an Administrative Fee of up to $250:

“Regularly Scheduled Maintenance: The Owner is responsible for obtaining regularly scheduled maintenance for the Car in accordance with all government and manufacturer recommendations (‘Maintenance’). The Service may make certain assumptions about your Maintenance requirements based on information you provide about the Car. Upon request by DriveShare, the Owner is responsible for providing proof of Maintenance to DriveShare, in the form of acceptable documentation signed by the Car’s mechanic, or if available, a proof of maintenance feature on the Service. Should the Owner fail to do this, DriveShare may suspend the Car from the Service until acceptable proof of Maintenance is received.
Operability: The Owner is responsible for maintaining the Car in a way that is safely operable by any Renter. The Owner may not place in the Car any modifications, devices, equipment or other items that may interfere with the safe operation of the vehicle.
Cleanliness: The Owner is responsible for making sure that the Car is clean at the start of each Rental period.
Failure to maintain your car in sound mechanical condition will subject your car to removal from the marketplace. Furthermore, you are responsible for all costs flowing from the failure to properly maintain the car and up to a $250 Administrative Fee.”

Should the renter require assistance on the road, Hagerty provides the equivalent of AAA roadside services through what they call Hagerty Roadside®.  That includes:

– Guaranteed flatbed towing with soft straps
– Dispatch operators who understand and care about classic cars
– 24 hours a day, 7 days a week coverage
– Dispatch for lockouts, battery jumps, tire changes & emergency fuel delivery
Should the renter need to file a claim, Hagerty states that:
Before and after each rental period, a vehicle inspection should be completed and photos of the vehicle are encouraged.
Every vehicle is fully insured with Agreed Value coverage and up to $1-million in liability through each rental period.
• Full names of both the vehicle owner and the driver/renter.
• The phone numbers for both the vehicle owner and the renter.
• Who the operator was at the time of the incident.
• The date of the incident.
• Any notes regarding what happened during the incident.
• Whether or not the police were involved.

While Hagerty is also tried to capitalize on rideshare services like Uber and Lyft by allowing vehicle owners to serve as DriveShare drivers.  Here is what they say about that:

“If your passengers are approved DriveShare drivers, then they can assist you with the drive. If not, they will have to remain as your radio station guru. You must still be the driver for the pickup and drop off of the car. It’s your responsibility to confirm whether or not your passenger has been fully approved before letting them drive the car as well.  Should a non-approved driver be allowed to drive the vehicle, the renter will become fully liable for any damage and fines that may occur.”

Capitalizing on the event rental market Hagerty states:

“Many of the vehicles listed on our site are also available for events and special occasions, such as weddings. Some owners may offer a discounted daily rate for an Event rental. Please contact the owner with any specific request prior to booking.”

Why an an insurance company that prides itself in insuring classic cars in a straightforward goodwill manner (you don’t to get an appraisal done on most cars, agreed value will suffice) would want to move into the extremely grey area of having others drive or rent precious classics that their loyal have insured with them says volumes about how they see the classic car market of the future; Millennials want the experience of a classic car but not ownership responsibilities.  Hagerty feels they can represent their loyal insured customers in this market and carve out 35% for their coffers.

Hagerty says: “No worries! Just reach out to us with your questions and one of our amazing support team members will get back to you shortly.”

Note that 5 millennials are pictured as the support team. Try explaining a complex Citroën repair to them!

What’s next?  Don’t be surprised if Uber and Lyft counter with classic car rental with similar conditions.  And given the greed of companies in the rideshare business these days, Hagerty may find themselves in competition for insurance revenue as others set their sites on the Hagerty insurance brand that has so successfully been build in the classic car world.

As Citroën owners, while our cars may be highly desirable cars for millennial renters, it would be very risky to think that our vehicles would not be damaged and that repair costs could be easily claimed, let alone the hassle of actually accomplishing fixes after any rental damage has occurred.

Nevertheless, a search for Citroën on the site produced 1 result for a 2CV in Monterey, CA, and the ad incorrectly states it is a 3 speed.  We wonder how the lack of mentioning the 4th gear to the renter plays out in any drivetrain damage dispute?  

Fortunately for Canadians for the time being, DriveShare is only available within the United States.


  1. Now that’s a scary proposition… I can’t imagine setting a total stranger loose in my TA. I’m even cautious with good friends who want to “take it for a spin!”

  2. Just read your article. Don’t trust a Milennial to learn stick shift on your SM? Why? And the promise that all dings and scratches will be only 1 inch long or less..

    It seems this idea was hatched by a clueless young employee who doesn’t own a car or a bicycle. Surprising that older managers did not shoot it down before it exposes them to ridicule.

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