PSA returns to the USA with (huh?)… Chevrolet!

PSA announced on October 26 that they will begin the next phase of their Free2Move car sharing service in the United States with Chevrolet vehicles.  The service that will start in Washington with 600 cars. 

As no Peugeot, Citroën, DS or Opel brands are sold in the USA (or Canada), Chevrolet Cruise sedans and Equinox SUVs will be models used for Free2Move according to Brigitte Courtehoux, PSA Services Manager of mobility and connectivity.

     Chevrolet Cruise sedan

    Chevrolet Equinox SUV

Free2Move is barely two years old.  The company already operates 300 cars (electric) in Madrid, 150 in Lisbon, 300 in Wuhan (China) for a total of 750 today.

There will also soon be 500 vehicles in Paris.  In total, “we are targeting the 3,000 by the end of 2019,” explained Brigitte Courtehoux, admitting that in car sharing, PSA’s venture is still very small. 

  Brigitte Courtehoux

Statistics indicate that so far half of the clients to date using Free2Move are under 40 years old.  An example using Free2Move in Paris for a day, with a 150 km limit, the cost range is from 58 to 69 €

PSA is trying to distinguish Free2Move from other ride and car charing services in that it allows you to choose from a variety of shared vehicles nearby, Car2Go, DriveNow and more.  And with Free2Move, you have access to thousands of transport devices other than cars such as scooters and bicycles…

It would appear that the strategy to get Americans to use Free2Move will be initially at least not to push French auto style on them but rather to deliver transportation options as plain as American apple pie. 



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