2019 Event Plans Announced by Citroën

This year at the Paris Motor Show, Citroën affirmed its ‘Inspired by You’ theme by holding a press conference billed as “The World of Citroën Live Performance” where the comapny’s CEO Linda Jackson announced their 2019 communication plan – appended to be “Inspired by you since 1919”   

  Linda Jackson addresses the press in “Le Maison Citroën” at the Paris Motor Show

In the presentation the message was; “Since 1919, Citroën has shown boldness and an attachment to the human, still present today. Citroën has also always been associated with other visionaries to innovate and make proof of unlimited creativity. With its heritage and many models that have punctuated history, the Brand is in the heart of each of us.”


Of particular interest (rather than the atherial good vibe stated above) was what Citroën will actually be doing next year. Here is what was disclosed:

  • At Rétromobile in Paris in February, the traditional village of Peugeot Citroën DS will be replete with three sections celebrating 100 years of Citroën. The special series will include production cars, concept cars and sports cars.
  • There will be a presentation of a new concept car at the Geneva Auto Salon in April.
  • A second concept car will be unveiled at the 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition on late April.
  • And, of course, the Centenary Celebration of Citroën to be held at the site of la Ferté Vidame in Perche, France. It was promoted as “The Meeting of the Century of Citroën Collector Clubs”. (Registration is now open at: http://en.citroencc.com/ and there is a “special launch” rate for registration made until November 12, 2018.)

The company also made mention of a Collector Jamboree where Citroën Racing will welcome its new crew; triple WRC World Champion Sebastian Ogier and Julien Ingrassia.

Finally, the press was teased that many more surprises will be unveiled during each month of 2019.  To keep abreast of the Centenary Celebration we are all supposed to go to: https://www.citroencc.com/.

One thing we did observe on the website was that the poster depicting Citroën models over the years is now inclusive of the DS and the SM. 

There was quite a controversy back in August and September 2016 when the company decided to cleanse the DS and SM from Citroen’s vehicle history when it launched its Virtual Museum, instead assigning them to the DS Brand.  https://citroenvie.com/citroen-culturally-cleanses-the-ds-and-sm-in-its-new-virtual-museum/.  We are glad to see that marketing faux pas has been corrected.  


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