Citroën Culturally Cleanses the DS and SM in its New Virtual Museum

Citroën announced their  new virtual museum internet site on Friday September 9 calling it “CITROËN ORIGINS, AN INNOVATIVE VIRTUAL MUSEUM ON MYTHICAL CITROËNS THROUGH THE AGES”.   As with the UK Citroën site we mentioned back on August 9, there is no mention of the DS or the SM.  Sacrilege!

What’s even more depressing is that the media (and Google) have published this info and taken it to be gospel.   Google “Citroen Virtual Museum” and view the results. We did:


Worse still, PSA Peugeot Citroën has managed to get a link on the first results page to the Peugeot Museum!


Visit: and see for yourself, and see how the DS and SM have been cleansed from the world of Citroën.  This to promote their the DS brand and to push buyers towards Citroën sportiness (ZX Rallye experience), that they really are now an economy brand (2CV engine noise) and to promote their Electric Méhari (with the original Méhari brochure).  And the Electric Méhari isn’t even a Citroën underneath.  It’s based on the Bluecar – a small four-seat, three-door electric car supplied by Bolloré).   Andrë Citroën is turning over in his grave.

Here is the full text of the announcement:


Fri, 09/09/2016 – 14:00

The brand new Citroën Origins ( website brings visitors fascinating insights into the Citroën heritage. The innovative immersion experience covers the most mythical Citroëns through the ages, with 360° views, authentic sound features (engine, horn, etc.), period brochures, anecdotes, etc. It is accessible worldwide on any screen (computer, tablet, smartphone).

Citroën has a long history of epoch-marking models, as popular in their times as they stand as legendary today: from the Type A to the Traction Avant, from the 2 CV to the Ami 6, from the GS to the XM, and from Xsara Picasso to New C3. The Citroën Origins site ( opens a new doorway enabling visitors to delve deeply into this exceptional heritage.

Citroën Origins takes the form of a virtual museum covering legendary Citroëns from 1919 through to the present day. Along with the production models, there are racers and concept cars too. Typical visitor experiences include climbing on board the ZX Rallye Raid, hearing the very distinctive engine noise of the 2 CV, and reading the brochure for the original Méhari. The site takes a full-immersion approach, with features such as these:
•    Virtual showroom: as on the commercial site there are 360° views of the car interiors and exteriors.
•    Sound signatures specific to each model: engine ignition and up to three other sound extracts for each model (horn, indicators, handbrake, suspension, etc.)
•    Period music: unforgettable melodies from the fifties, sixties or seventies, taking visitors back in time to the days the exhibits were on the road
•    Brochure extracts, photos, videos, anecdotes and technical data: for insights on each model

The Citroën Origins collection stands at fifty or so models to date, and there will be more coming in the weeks to come.

Site navigation is optimized for all screens (computer, tablet, smartphone), and Citroën Origins is accessible worldwide (UK, Spain, Italy, Germany, China, etc.).



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