We are sad to report that Andrew Brodie in London, UK passed away on August 30 as a result of a sudden heart attack.  Andrew was one of the preeminent sources of knowledge for Citroën, particularly the SM, and maintained Andrew Brodie Engineering where he provided service, restoration and parts for the SM and DS and specialized in rebuilding Citroen SM & Maserati Merak engines.

In 2007 Andrew participated for the first time in a SM in the Regularity section of the classic French rally from Paris to Evian.  We won first place with his team; Bob and Ann Linwood.

andrew-brodie-paris-to-evian-rally_2-copy  Andrew rests on his victory and on his SM   andrew-brodie-paris-to-evian-rally_3-copy  andrew-brodie-paris-to-evian-rally_1-copy

In 2012 Andrew got into the publishing business, offering a Citroën based travel adventure book ‘An Omelette and Three Glasses Of Wine: En Route with Citroëns’ that he was extremely proud of.  144 pages, 136 photos and in hardcover, the book was debuted at the 15th ICCCR in Yorkshire.  [We mentioned it in the Spring 2013 issue of Citroënvie (page 21)].

andrew-brodie-book  ISBN-10: 0957344104,  ISBN-13: 978-0957344105

Andrew was always willing to offer advice.  Over the years he contributed many articles to Citroen publications, including one we published called “Rattles from the Front End:  SM Anti-Roll Bar” in the spring 2005 edition of Citroënthusiast.  Andrew is survived by his wife Janet.

andrew-brodie-driving-sm  Classic shot of Andrew driving his SM