Transcendental Abstruse Video Featuring a 1925 Citroën Trèfle

Mario Hacquard is a well-known baritone singer from France who has also acted in various movies over the years.  He is also an artist who produces abstract videos featuring classic cars often with an injection of provoking femininity. 

  Mario Hacquard

Mario has released a unique series of French music pieces called “Une Voiture – Une Chanson” (one car – one song).  His website describes it thusly:

An unprecedented series that only Mario Hacquard could imagine and realize…  At the same time operatic baritone, melodies singer, actor and director but also a lover of cars from the 50s to the 70s, Mario Hacquard has worked hard to find the song that sticks to the car and to write this car with the complicity of beautiful actresses.  All songs are recorded with his voice.  Sensuality, tenderness, humor, but also tribute to the creators of these timeless machines, that’s the concept “A Car – A Song”!”

His latest video titled “Madrigal d’antan” casts a muse (noted pianist Axia Marinescu) who challenges an old curmudgeon to drive a 1925 Citroën Trèfle.  Watch it here:

  Madrigal d’antan

Within the series of now more than 30 different pieces, a number of other songs have been related to historic Citroën vehicles – here is a selection:

Visit his website for a full list of videos featuring not only Citroën, but also songs with Peugeot, Talbot, Renault, Triumph, Facel Vega, etc:—Chanson.html


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