We have been working diligently to warn people about having any business dealings with Noel Slade.  We have featured a number of articles about how he has swindled people, but as with many unscrupulous people these days, the court system is overloaded and somehow they manage to avoid prosecution.

Witness the latest photos from a former customer of Noel’s who, on March 5, 2018 went to West Creek, NJ to try to retrieve what was left of a rare Traction Avant Commerciale that was a decent running vehicle but sent to Noel to have some repair/restoration work done on it.

Here are photos (below) showing its condition after a few years in Noel’s posession.  The owner writes; “Look what happened to my car, today I went to West Creek and I found my car, it’s all in pieces all the parts are missing.  This guy Noel hurt me so bad and took my S10,000 dollar down payment.  Basically, he screwed me out of $30,000.  The car was $20,000.”


In fact, we have just discovered that Noel’s old website is back online (at: http://www.frenchclassics.us/) and we can only presume he is now trying to bilk money from other unsuspecting people looking to purchase a Citroën or have theirs repaired.

He’s even got the balls to use the current Citroën corporate logo!

Please, if you come across anybody looking to acquire or repair a Citroën be sure to point them to this article and the links below so they know to steer clear of Noel’s scamming business practices.






UPDATE: April 5, 2018 – We have just discovered that Noel’s “other” old website, Citroën Import Services, has come back online. It does not appear to be updated, but to the unsuspecting viewer there is contact info and the impression that cars are available for purchase.  It is amazing that this URL and his other site http://www.frenchclassics.us/ are online and have not been shut down by court order.  Buyer beware!

UPDATE: April 26, 2023 – Noel has reappeared with a Facebook page where he lists himself as a “Servant at Medford Golf Course” and lives in Medford, New Jersey.  https://www.facebook.com/noel.slade/about

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