How a 2CV Frame is Made

One of the reasons Citroën stopped production of the 2CV was that it was a complex car to build.  Yes, there were issues of meeting safety standards for time and wrestling with emissions from its 2 cylinder air-cooled engine, but overall the labour involved to build the car was the primary reason to end its life in 1990.  


We have featured a video of last generation models being manufactured in Portugal but that did not show details of how the fame was manufactured.  Club Cassis in France, initially a repro parts supplier for those trying to keep their 2CVs in tip-top shape, and a company dedicated to the Méhari, has taken up the challenge to not only sell parts but build many key components.  One of their major efforts is manufacturing new frames.  In this video they show how a 2CV frame is constructed and as you can see, it’s not quite as simple as you might think: 

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